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The Championship Series Final

The Championship Series Final was held February 28 and March 1 in Hamilton, Ontario. Several qualifiers were held to determine the field at this event. Oksana and Artur's first place finish at Trophy Lalique (in November of 1996) and their third place at Cup of Russia (in December) enabled them to qualify for the CSF.

Only four pairs were allowed to compete in Hamilton (compared with six men and ladies, and five ice dancers.) Oksana and Artur used this event to rebound from their disappointing fourth place finish at Russian Nationals.

They debuted their new short program to Strauss' "2001" theme, solidly landing side by side triple toe loops and a huge split double twist. They also have an amazing new lift. Both looked confident throughout and delighted when taking their bows to a partial standing ovation. The only difficulties they had were slightly out of unison spins. Two judges placed them first; one third; and the rest second.

Oksana and Artur's long program is to Handel's "Passacaglia." Although they had a few minor technical errors in Hamilton, it was overall a breathtaking performance as they glided from move to move gracefully and intensely. The improvement both skaters have made since even the beginning of the season is remarkable. Again the audience responded with a partial standing ovation.

Congratulations, Oksana and Artur and thank you for such a stunning program!

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