Elena Bereznaya and Anton Sikharulidze--Latest News

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As of June 26, 1998

Blades on Ice magazine had held a People's Choice contest. Elena and Anton won in the category of Performance of the Year--Eligible Pairs for their long program at the Champions' Series Final.

As of April 25, 1998

The couple adds another title to their collection, as they won the Ultimate Four, pro/am event.

As of April 11, 1998

Elena and Anton crowned an amazing second season together by winning the World Championship.

They next plan to compete at the Ultimate Four.

Elena and Anton will then skate on the entire Champions on Ice Tour . After the tour, if they are in good condition and not injured, they will compete at the Goodwill Games.

As for long term plans, the couple plans to remain in the amateur ranks and go for the Olympic Gold in 2002.

February 10, 1998

Elena and Anton won the silver medals at the 1998 Olympic Games. Congratulations to them!

January 18, 1998

Elena and Anton add another gold medal to their collection. They won the European Championships in Milan, Italy.

December 21, 1997

The couple continue their winning ways with gold medals at the Champions Series Final.

December 13, 1997

Elena and Anton took the silver medals at the Russian National Championship today. Eltsova and Bushkov won this competition.

November 15, 1997

Elena and Anton deserve a big congratulations. They just won their first major competition, Trophy Lalique. They beat the reigning World Champions, Mandy Woetzl and Ingo Steuer.

November 2, 1997

Elena and Anton have just won the silver medals at the Nations Cup in Germany. Congratulations!

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